L O V E   I S   B L I N D 


An initiative to raise essential funding for our visually impaired community for Covid relief in India by donating 100% of our sales profit till 20th May 2021. 


To achieve this mission we have partnered with SAMARTHANAM TRUST FOR THE DISABLED, a NGO that has been a pioneer in initiating services to empower the visually challenged and differently-abled community of our country. 

 India is home to a third of the world's blind population. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that India has around 63 million people who are blind or suffer from impaired vision. As someone who cannot see, They have to touch objects and surfaces much more than an average person which poses more issues for them during this pandemic. Serious mobility challenges resulting in loss of livelihood and lack of access to relief have pushed large sections of visually impaired individuals further towards marginalisation.

Join the cause in any of the following ways -

1. You can place your order on here on our website or DM us on Instagram (@esseclothing), knowing each order will make a huge difference.


2. If you are well stocked with our luxury essentials, you can buy a redeemable gift voucher of the amount you wish to donate that you can redeem with us later.


3. You can donate directly to the organisation by clicking on the link




Let’s come together and be a catalyst in altering the life of our visually impaired community during this pandemic.